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No more dragging your Optimist dinghy onto a dolly or over ground to launch or retrieve it. Launching with the unique OptiDolly is a breeze as illustrated below and shown to the side. Just roll the OptiDolly up to your Opti, lower the handle, belay the painter to the OptiDolly handle and easily launch or retrieve your Opti.  It conveniently folds up to fit in a mini van or hatchback. The OptiDolly is made of anodized aluminum, stainless steel fittings and polyurethane 10" foam wheels that will never go flat for a long life at the water's edge. Detailed Instructions come with each OptiDolly.

The OptiDolly is a great buy with satisfaction guaranteed.      Optional Bow Cover protections the bow on concrete and hard surfaces.

Position OptiDolly with handle close to the mast and with the padded lifting hooks under the gunwales. Lower the OptiDolly handle to raise the Opti stern off the ground. Continue lowering the OptiDolly handle until it reaches the Opti bow. Belay the Opti painter to the handle. Lift the OptiDolly handle to raise the Opti off the ground and then easily roll it to its destination.
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